Garden Offices in Surrey, London and the South East

Our Garden Office is designed to give you office space within your garden.  With an external height of no more than 2.5m, the building is generally exempt from requiring planning.  Its dedicated environment allows users to work at home, yet provides the necessary privacy and separation from your home life.

The Garden Office should fit into most gardens and although it’s small in size, the interior space is more than adequate for 1 or 2 persons to work in comforte. Fully Insulated, heated and serviced to provide comfortable temperatures and usage all year round, our Garden Room is so much more than a typical garden shed.

Your workplace should be an inspiring, motivational space with adequate facilities to be at your most productive.

Bespoke extras such as tea and coffee making facilities and kitchenettes are some of our user-friendly options to give our client the most productive and enjoyable Garden Office working environment.

This Garden Office provides an ideal solution to working from home. The money and time saved on motoring and rental costs make our Garden Room a proven and worthy investment whilst being a great addition to any garden.

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Work away from home, at home
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